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1st blog entry: medicine, dancin & cutting

Tuesday Aug 22, 2006 07:56:00 PM

Well, I don't know really what to talk about, so I guess I will talk about my day! This morning, mom gave me what she calls "medicine". I'm guessing it makes me feel better, because I was sick, and now I feel like a whole new guinea pig! She says I have to take this medicine twice every 12 hours. I don't mind, I think it tastes good, and I drink it down! I even like what she calls "yogurt", which she says the doctor told her to give me after the medicine. After that, I played and popcorned around, because mom was getting me new food. I dance for her whenever she goes to get me food; I think she likes my dancing, and I wanna show her I am happy to get it. After that I took a long nap. Then, mom got me out and sat me on her lap. Then she told me my nails were too long, and needed to be trimmed. I hadn't ever had them "trimmed" before, so I was curious as to what this meant. Then, she grabbed each of my paws, one at a time, and cut each of my nails. I wasn't sure what to think at first, but I behaved, and only flinched a couple of times. Mom said she is proud of me, because I did so well. She says later I will get what is called "a bath". I don't know what this bath thing is...but I hope it's food (I'll let you know)!!!

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Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/23 06:19:42 PM
Yep! What jake said!

Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/08/22 08:15:41 PM
bol nice to meet you! umm...well..a bath..lets just say its not food and you get to be reeally wet! :-D

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